Hello World!

Tonight while sitting in a coffee shop and stressing about my career (a common past-time of mine recently), I read a suggestion to start a blog and catalog my journey as a developer.

This is the suggestion I received:

…In the process create a simple blog and write a few articles about stuff that you learned during whole process…

The mystery man behind this comment, which spawned this blog, and much more detail about the journey I’ve taken to get to this point will be revealed in later posts.

For now, I’d like to document what I’ve done this evening as a first step:

  1. Purchased a new domain for my personal blog/resume/portfolio site.
  2. Added a server to my linode account (Yay $7.00 more per month).
  3. Installed LAMP and updated permissions as needed.
  4. Configured a vhost for this site so I can host multiple projects from this server.
  5. Setup the DNS.
  6. Installed WordPress.
  7. Created this post (so meta).

Almost as quickly as I said hello, I will now say:

Goodnight world!

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